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Meet Mela

From her early childhood Mela was interested in childcare, holistic healing and energy work. Early in life she learned that food is an important part in self healing which led her to vegetarianism by the age of 12.

Mela became a nurse working in psychiatric clinics dealing with adults, teenagers and kids for many years. At this time she completed a diploma in holistic nutrition. She also took courses in aroma therapy, phytotherapy, NADA ear- acupuncture, aggression management and non-violent- communication. Today Mela integrates all this knowledge into the work with her clients and students.

Traveling and exploring different countries and cultures have always been a passion for Mela. She travelled through Africa, Asia, and finally ended up in Thailand on a small island where a new journey began, dedicating her time to the study and practice of yoga. Starting with Ashtanga yoga , she found her way to the agama tantra yoga school in Thailand, where she studied for 7 months. At this time she also met her teacher, Reinhard Gammenthaler, with whom she found her biggest inspiration in terms of yoga and its original traditions, the kundalini yoga. The use of mudras, bhandas and the breath became essential in her practice. As she gained more experience she took her first yoga teacher training  course in order to deepen her understanding even more. This led to singing coming back into her life. She finally found the courage to take a singing lesson and fell in love with singing mantras and using her voice in the practise of bhakti yoga.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” -Rumi

Mela started teaching yoga in Zurich and worked casually as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic with children. She started adapting yoga into her work and taught classes for her working colleagues and the kids in the clinic.  She also taught different classes in kindergardens and was  involved in school projects.

In the past few years, Mela has lived in several spiritual communities in Thailand, Bali and India. Her first 10 day silent meditation retreat blew her mind. She couldnt believe how much she had actually been longing for such an experience. Many other silent retreats followed and the study of Advaita Vedanta with her beloved master Mooji, with whom she spent time with in his ashram in Portugal and India.

Already amazed by the power of the breath in yoga, she started to explore Breathwork. The simple use of your own breath in a conscious way, fast became a big part of her life. Mela became a group breath-work facilitator and started offering breathwork ceremonies. Later she was blessed to meet and study with Leonard Orr, the founder of rebirthing breathwork and is now also holding one-to- one breathwork sessions.

Throughout those years of studying, practising and teaching, Mela’s main focus became the breath. Bringing awareness into the breath has quite simply transformed her own life, bringing her more into her own centre and heart. Yoga, meditation, rebirthing breathwork and singing with the breath as the main focus is her biggest passion, both in her own practise and in her teachings. Currently Mela is studying Family  Constellation work.

Along side the seriousness in spiritual practises, Mela also likes to laugh, play and move. She took part in a training in partner-acrobatics and also loves sharing playfulness with her students. Dancing and moving her body in order to heal is a part of her daily life, her workshops and classes.


Trained and studied with:

Kundalini Yoga with Reinhard Gammenthaler - Bern

Rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr - Portugal

Osho Family Constellation & Zen Counseling with Svagito Liebermeister - Spain

Advaita Vedanta with Mooji - India and Portugal

Shaking Ashram with Ratu Bagus - Bali

Yoga with Mark Withwell - Bali

Red Tent with Tanishka - online

200 RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Jivani Yoga - Thailand

Tantra Yoga with Agama Yoga - Thailand

Online Courses with Joe Dispenza

Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training - Chiang Mai

Breathwork with Breath of Bliss - Bali

Holistic Nutrition with Paracelsus Schule - Zurich

Pulse Diagnosis/Omneologie with Matthias Welker Zurich

Chi- Nei- Tsang with Omsala - Chiang Mai

Kirtan with Kevin James Caroll – India

Various froms of dancing, contact improv, 5 rhythm, …

Inspired and touched by:

Veit Lindau, Peter Levine, Don Miguel Ruiz, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Matt Kahn, Adyashanti, Louise L. Hay, Eckart Tolle, Mantak Chia, Prem Baba, Sadhguru, Brené Brown, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Mela is offering 1:1 sessions in Portugal, Switzerland and online.

She is also available to be booked for retreats and trainings and open for different co-creations.

Visit her other website www.relaxplayyoga.com to find her actual events and retreats or check below on where to meet her next (festivals).

1:1 Sessions

  • Breathwork
  • Zen Coaching
  • Conscious Nutrition

Workshops & Classes

  • Breathwork & Music Medicine Ceremonies with Miguel Anumano
  • Inner Child work & family constellations
  • Singing Circles & Kirtans
  • Chakra Dance (live music guided journey through the chakras)
  • Hatha/ Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama
  • Mother/ Women Circles
  • Cacao Ceremonies

“Deepest gratitude to all my teachers, family and friends, for supporting me, for taking me as I am, for holding me and bringing me down to earth if needed.”

with love, Mela

Upcoming Events


Online Group Sessions

by donation via Zoom

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YogaFestival Sommer of Love

27.8- 30.08 20 Kiental, Switzerland

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Back to the Roots - Retreat

11.9- 13.09. 20 Escholzmatt, Switzerland

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Yoga Festival Schwyz

19.9- 20.09. 20 Schwyz, Switzerland

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Yoga DAY Luzern

SAVE THE DATE 31.10/ 1.11 2020
DG Freiraum, Bruchstrasse 10, Luzern

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Breathwork & Chakra Retreat

6-8 Nov.2020 Save the date!! Infos coming soon!

Klingenmühle, Märstetten

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Workshops and Classes:

  • Breathwork Ceremonies, Chakra Dance and individual Sessions in Lisboa since Dez 18
  • Breathwork Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies, Singing Circles… ect in Switzerland since 2014
  • Individual Sessions and Classes at Zorba the Buddha 16/17, Delhi, India
  • Breathwork and Cacao Ceremonies in Goa India, Winter Season 17


  • Yoga Day Lucern / Organizer  2018/2019
  • Portugal Spirit Festival Sept 18
  • Pachamama Festival July 18
  • Swiss Acro-Fest, Schönried, Sept 17/18
  • Yoga Festival im Kiental, August 17 & 18 Switzerland
  • Yoga Festival Ängsbacka, July 2017, Sweden
  • Green World Yoga and Sacred Music Festival, July 2017, Sweden
  • Balispirit Festival, 2017 Ubud, Bali

Teacher Training:

  • Elementalyoga.com Yoga Teacher Training,  Anatomy, Yoga & Breathwork, Luzern Switzerland 2018
  • Parimukti Yogatherapie Training, Anatomy, Kirtan & Breathwork, Goa, India 2017
  • Shree Hari, Yoga Teacher Training, Anatomy, Kids Yoga. Gokarna, India 2017
  • Feeling Soul Good., Yoga Teacher Trainings, Co- teaching the whole trainings – Bali 2015/2016


  • New Year Retreats in Switzerland, www.relaxplayyoga.com 2017/18
  • Women Retreats in France, www.relaxplayyoga.com, 2017/18
  • Breath and Sound Retreats in Spain www.relaxplayyoga.com, 2015/16/17/18
  • Yoga Retreat Breathe and Let go – Spain www.yogaspiritcircle.com  2016
  • Yoga in Heartsongs Retreat with Kevin James Caroll- India www.yaktrak.com 2016


The true pursuit of yoga is not for the faint of heart. In Mela Mariposa, whose gorgeous acquaintance I was fortunate enough to make on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, you will find the heart of a tiger, a peaceful warrior and a true teacher of light. Despite my brief time in her company and under her instruction, her countenance and energy left a lasting impression on me. Our modern world of yoga is permeated by a very particular type of falsity and I am not easily impressed by your average yoga instructor. However, Mela works from the heart, a deep place of knowing, and is a teacher with whom I would trust my practice as well as my friendship. I look forward to working with her in the years to come and admire her absolutely. Her classes are well-balanced between breath work, spirituality and strength and her character is rich, attentive and honest. Mela is beautiful, inside and out, and she provides a fierce light to all she encounters. A gift onto this world!



Mela is more than a yoga teacher. She is a friend, a confidante and an inspiration for how to live a life rooted in love and truth. Her classes guide you to connect to a deeper part of yourself and she creates a safety to allow that that to be expressed fully. She will make you laugh, and cry and she will wrap it all up in a big bear hug. She is very knowledgeable in yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana, pranayama and the playful joy of partner/acro yoga. You can trust her to expand your mind and your heart and leave you with more courage and peace to carry into your life. Endless Gratitudes to my teacher, Mela.



I thank Mela deeply for all the lessons I was able to enjoy with her. I always felt like a river of energy afterwords! The exercises she teaches are really powerful on different levels. Mela has a beautiful ability to transmit the meaning of the yoga she teaches to her students and to connect them to the tradition.



Mela teaches very effective yoga classes on a level that is pleasant and relaxed and even has a sense of humor. In addition to the yoga philosophy, her food and nutrition knowledge permeates her classes which I find very valuable. Because Mela is a professional nurse, she can also share precise information about anatomy and answer a wide range of health questions. One can sense that she has learned many different styles of yoga and practices them herself. I always feel safe and cared for in her classes and therefore strongly trust and recommend her teaching abilities.



Mela is an inspirational and divine facilitator who breathes love into her classes. She is a powerful and extremly know- ledgeable Yogini and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend her Kundalini Yoga classes in Ladakh. If you get the chance to learn from this living goddess - do it!



After spending one month with Mela as one of our instructors it quickly became evident that she is very passionate about what she does.  She is always eager to share her experience and knowledge and has an uncapped love and dedication to yoga and what it has to offer, it was always a pleasure to see and have her teach.  Thank you so much Mela!


South Africa

Mela is a very skilled teacher with a big variety of practises (Kundalini yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy, Acro yoga etc.). She combines her knowledge and skills with practical examples/ exercises. In this way you get a better understanding and is it applicable into your daily life. She teaches with passion, love and laughter what energizes.



Mela is an inspirational teacher who helps you go beyond your comfort zone and experience life to its fullest. She inspired me to try things I was afraid of, and move beyond my fear. She taught me so much about how to move energy within my body, and how my energy affects everything around me. Mela’s positive energy comes out and filled me with energy. When you meet Mela, you feel her joy and she shares it willingly and absolutely. I thoroughly enjoyed my month with Mela and hope to be able to spend more time with her in the future.



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